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Welcome to Csens.org blog. This site is meant for discussions of the statistics presented on csens.org. My intention with csens.org is to present some of the facts about how the world is developing as easily accessible and understandable graphs.

The main focus is on energy, climate and environment related topics on a multi-decadal time scale.

Long directions



Some trends and directions are easier to spot when you take the long perspective.



I am very grateful for any corrections and suggestions to make this a better site.

I hope you find this site interesting, and please be welcome to leave comments.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to csens.org blog”

  1. In order to be complete, I suggest including references for effects of ozone. Goog place to start is Earl happ at his reality blog.

    1. Thank you Macha
      Yes, may be ozone should be added. I shall consider that.
      I found Erl Happ’s interesting blog. I see that Ozone an UV data can be downloaded from various stations around the globe.

  2. I look forward to using your reference links. A recent addition of mine is earth.nullschool.net. Great graphics and very versatile. All the best. Macha from Australia.

    1. https://earth.nullschool.net/ was fantastic. So, if this is an addition to your references, that means you have a site somewhere. What is the URL?

      I have references to my sources under csens.org “Data sources”, but I consider having references to other sites as well.


      1. Hi Jan, I am simply an interested by stander, industrial chemist by trade, currently a practising process modeling engineer…..weird Huh? I have been reading all I can about CAGW theory for the last 8 yrs. Boy…some religion and how political it all is. I have no blog.

  3. I think it is quite common to practice in some other field than where you took the education. At least I know many who do that here in Norway.

    I agree that the climate issue has similarities to religion for some people. And in my view that can be said about extremists on both sides. They tend to think that all the answers are obvious.
    I know one thing for sure; when somebody tells you that the main conclusions in climate science are

    obvious, they are wrong. These are highly complex issues with no simple answers.


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