\n", $k); printf(" Series %d\n
", $k); printf("

Choose sourcegroup and source

\n ", $k); // printf("\n", $k); printf(" \n"); // printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); // printf(" \n"); // printf(" \n"); } // sourcestart function genOptionh($verdi, $label, $op) { printf(" \n", $label); } // genOption ?> %s\n", $label); } // genOption function genRadTF($ind1){ //to and from printf("\n"); printf("To:\n"); printf("\n", $to, $to, $_GET[$to]); printf ("\n"); printf(" \n"); printf("
\n"); // printf("
\n"); printf("Source group:\n"); $gr= sprintf("gruppe%d", $k); $kildef = sprintf("kildefil%d", $k); printf(" \n"); printf("
\n"); printf("Source: "); $kilde= sprintf("source%d", $k); $llenke = minLenkeF($sfile[$k]); printf(" \n"); printf("
\n"); printf("
Region: \n"); printf(" Choose geographical region\n
\n", $k, $k); printf("
\n"); $op = sprintf("region%s", $k); printf("\n"); printf("
From: \n"); $from = sprintf("fromval%d", $ind1); $to = sprintf("toval%d", $ind1); printf("\n", $from, $from, $_GET[$from]); // printf("
\n \n"); printf(" \n"); }// gerradTF function genRad($ind1, $ind2) { printf("\n"); printf("\n"); printf(" \n"); } // genRad() /*function genCheck($navn, $ind, $label, $funksjon){ printf("\n"); }*/ function genChecklin($navn, $ind, $label, $funksjon){ printf("\n"); } function genChecksnitt($navn, $ind, $label, $funksjon){ printf("\n"); } function genCheckcra($navn, $ind, $label, $funksjon){ printf("\n"); } /* function genCheckaverage($navn, $ind, $label, $funksjon){ printf("\n"); } */ //genCheckaverage("average", $k, "Average of series", "average"); //genChecklin("clinear", $k, "Add linear trendline", "setTrendlines"); //genChecksnitt("csnittverdi", $k, "Add mean value indicator", "snittverdi"); //genCheckcra("crakse", $k, "Right Y-axis", "rakse"); function genCheck2($navn, $ind, $label, $funksjon){ $nm = sprintf("%s%d", $navn, $ind); printf(" %s\n", $label); } function genCheck3($navn, $ind, $label, $funksjon){ $nm = sprintf("%s%d", $navn, $ind); printf(" %s\n", $label); } function sourceEnd($k){ printf("\n"); genChecklin("clinear", $k, "Add linear trendline", "setTrendlines"); genChecksnitt("csnittverdi", $k, "Add mean value indicator", "snittverdi"); genCheckcra("crakse", $k, "Right Y-axis", "rakse"); //genCheckaverage("caverage", $k, "Average of series", "average"); printf("
\n"); printf("
Operation\n"); printf(" You may choose one or two operations to process the data,
then press 'Plot graph'
\n"); printf("
\n"); printf("
Value\n"); printf(" All operations except 'Decadal mean' require a value. Specify the number of months, or a multiplier for 'Scale',
then press 'Plot graph'.
More explanation in top menu 'Help'.
\n"); printf("
\n"); //Tooltip on scrolldown commented out. Better to have a longer on the header? //printf("
\n"); // printf(" \n", $ind1, $ind2, $ind1, $ind2, $ind1, $ind2, $ind1, $ind2); genOption("-", "-", $ind1, $ind2); genOption("mean", "Moving average", $ind1, $ind2); genOption("stepwisemean", "Stepwise mean", $ind1, $ind2); genOption("decadalmean", "Decadal mean", $ind1, $ind2); genOption("scale", "Scale", $ind1, $ind2); genOption("derivative", "Derivative", $ind1, $ind2); genOption("blackman", "Blackman", $ind1, $ind2); printf(" \n"); // printf(" Choose operation\n
\n", $ind1, $ind2, $ind1, $ind2); printf("
\n"); $verdi = sprintf("value%d%d", $ind1, $ind2); if (isset($_GET[$verdi])){ printf("\n", $verdi, $verdi, $_GET[$verdi]); }else{ if($ind2==1){ printf("\n", $verdi, $verdi); }elseif ($ind2==3){ printf("\n", $verdi, $verdi); }else{ printf("\n", $verdi, $verdi); } } printf ("
\n"); $nm = sprintf("%s%d", $navn, $ind); printf(" %s\n", $label); printf("
\n"); $nm = sprintf("%s%d", $navn, $ind); printf(" %s\n", $label); printf("
\n"); $nm = sprintf("%s%d", $navn, $ind); printf(" %s\n", $label); printf("
\n"); $nm = sprintf("%s%d", $navn, $ind); printf(" %s\n", $label); printf("
\n"); $nm = sprintf("%s%d", $navn, $ind); printf(" %s\n", $label); printf("
\n"); $lc = sprintf("linecolor%d", $k); //printf("Color:\n"); printf("
Color \n"); printf(" Interactive controls: line color and linewidth,
linewith and right y-axis
\n"); printf("\n"); //if(strcasecmp($_GET[$op], $verdi)==0) echo "selected='true'"; */ $op = $lc; printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); printf(" \n"); $lw = sprintf("linewidth%d", $k); if (isset($_GET[$lw])){ printf(" Width: \n", $lw, $lw, $_GET[$lw], $k); }else{ printf(" Width: \n", $lw, $lw, $k); } printf("
\n"); if ($k==1){ // plot graph printf(" \n "); // printf("\n "); printf(" \n "); } if ($_GET[f2antkilder]>1 || $k>1){ //printf("
\n \n "); printf(" \n "); // printf("
\n \n "); } printf("\n"); } // sourceEnd ?>
\n "); printf(" \n "); // printf("\n "); // printf(" \n "); // printf("
\n "); if (isset($_GET['xakse']))printf("x-axis size:
\n", $_GET['xakse']); else{ printf("x-axis size:
\n"); } printf("
\n "); if (isset($_GET['yakse']))printf("y-axis size:
\n", $_GET['yakse']); else{ printf("y-axis size:
\n"); printf("y-akse er ikke satt\n"); } printf("
\n"); genCheck2("gridlines", 0, "Gridlines", "gridlines"); printf("
\n "); printf("
Plotarea to margin ratio\n"); printf(" This interactive control is useful if the margins are too small to show the legend. The standard value = 70 percent plot. A lower value gives wider margins. Value =100 is all plot, and no margins. \n
\n"); printf("\n", $_GET['plot_to_margin']); printf("\n", $_GET['f2antkilder']); printf("\n", $_GET['antadded']); printf("
\n"); genCheck3("rightlegend", 0, "Right legend", "rightlegend"); //echo "
"; ?>
\n"); sourceEnd($k); } // end for ?>
\n", $_GET['area']); // printf("Top margin: \n", $_GET['area']); // printf("Plotarea to margin fraction: \n", $_GET['area']); //printf("

\n"); /* printf("Footer
\n"); for ($k=1; $k<=$antkilder; $k++){ $m=0; while ($m <= ANTKIL){ // printf("ml=%s,hs=%s,fl=%s.%d
\n", minlabel($fil[$k]), $fil[$k], $flabel[$m], $m); // printf("Flenke=%s.
\n", $lenkeF[$m]); if (minLabel($fil[$k]) == $flabel[$m]){ echo $flabel[$m], "
"; echo $lenkeF[$m], "
"; echo "Link to source data: ", $lenkeD[$m], "
"; $m = ANTKIL+1; } $m+=1; }// while printf("%s
\n", minLabel($fil[$k])); if ($verdi[$k][1] >0) echo $operasjon[$k][1], ": ", $verdi[$k][1], "
"; if ($verdi[$k][2] >0) echo $operasjon[$k][2], ": ", $verdi[$k][2], "
"; if ($verdi[$k][3] >0) echo $operasjon[$k][3], ": ", $verdi[$k][3], "
"; if ($clinear[$k]) printf("With linear trendline
\n"); if ($csnitt[$k]) printf("Mean value indicator1 =%.2f
\n", $totsnitt[$k]); } // end for */ ?>