Csens.org presents key statistics for the world’s environmental status
and the human development conditions around the globe. All data are from
noted organizations with accessible and transparent data processing policy.

To plot graph, go to the drop down list to the right
and select:

'Source group', 'Source' and 'Region'
Then press the 'Plot graph' button
or simply try the examples below

Surface measurements for Land and ocean
Satelitte measuremets of lower trophosphere
Sea level observations from satellite
Sea level measurements from gauges
Temperature measurements from weather balloons
Arctic and Antarctic ice cover
Ocean surface PH level at Hawaii
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Plotarea to margin ratio This interactive control is useful if the margins are too small to show the legend. The standard value = 70 percent plot. A lower value gives wider margins. Value =100 is all plot, and no margins.
Right legend
Summable energy data are shown in stacked area plot.
Series 1

Choose sourcegroup and source

Source group:
Region: Choose geographical region
From: To:
Operation You may choose one or two operations to process the data,
then press 'Plot graph' button
Value All operations except 'Decadal mean' require a value. Specify the number of months, or a multiplier for 'Scale',
then press 'Plot graph'.
More explanation in top menu 'Help'.
Color Interactive controls: line color and linewidth,
linewith and right y-axis
Add linear trendline