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Environmental status

How is the environmental status of the globe? Are we all doomed because we destroy our planet, or is it hope? Is the global warming really happening or is it a big fraud?
My aim with this site is to present the most vital statistics for the Worlds environmental status as easily accessible time series.


The data are fully transparent; you can follow the links to the data sources back to the origin, and you can have the operations made on the data explained in the ‘Help’ section. If you like, you can also examine the operation yourself in the source code.

Environmentalism and climate change are big issues

Climate policy and environmentalism are big issues in our time. They are huge in both complexity, cost and the impact they have on ordinary people’s lives. The global warming issue has been become especially polarized; some people think it is a swindle, and other think it is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.

Damaging polarization

Different opinions about complex issues is a normal, and usually positive, thing because it creates an arena for fruitful debates in which we can learn from and make help decision makers to make better decisions. Nevertheless, if the fronts are too polarized, the people on each side stop listening to each other arguments, and mistrust grows. This is the opposite of fruitfulness. I think the polarization in the climate debate has become so great that it is damaging to our society. I hope to contribute to more understanding by providing objective and easily accessible information on the subjects.

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My position

So what is my position in these issues, am I an environmentalist or a skeptics or something in between? Well, first of all I do not think it should matter. I do not ask you to trust me; Trust my data, I just make data from other sources available.

Anyway, my position in the global warming debate is that I think the global warming is real and a serious threat. Furthermore, I think IPCC do a very good job. The five assessment reports describe, in my opinion, the current scientific status in an objective and balanced manner.

Enabler to better understanding

On the other hand, I think most journalist do a very bad job on this issue. Sensations sell best, but reading sensational articles are not a very good source to orienting oneself on the issue.
I hope to make a difference by being an enabler to better understanding.

For programmers

The software in Csens.org is written in PHP and Javascript. The code for all the transformations is in one large index.php file. You can download it here. Please contact me if you want to contribute to this site. I am sure that much can be done to make it more efficient, more intuitive, prettier or better in any other way. I cannot pay you, but I can credit you as a contributor on this site

Some personal information

I am a Norwegian guy living outside Oslo. I am married with four kids whom I am immensely proud of, and also four grandchildren whom I am equally proud of.
I have my education from University of Oslo where I took a "Master" in physics and computer science back in 1989. Well, back then no Master existed in Norwegian Universities, but my degree "cand. scient." is pretty similar. I have worked some years in Telenor research on computer simulations and time series analysis. My current employee is an international financial institution.

Apart from my family, I have three passions in life: cross-country skiing, cross-country biking and boat- life. I use a considerable part of the summer to sail along the Scandinavian coastlines in my old motorboat.

Me and my boat

Me and my boat

With grandchildren

With grandchildren

Exotic fish

Some exotic fish I caugth, enough for a small meal

Some of my other interests:
I have an electric car and have made some reflections about the benefits and drawbacks.

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Genealogy etc.

Winter is for skiing.

Jan Kjetil Andersen